PubG Best Tips and Tricks to Win Every Time You Play 2018

PubG Best Tips

Gaming itself is a very Big world. Everyone plays games on different devices with different interests. But what’s common between all of them is that they all play with full interests. People say that life is a play it. I totally agree with it. Life has a goal enemies, fake friends, real friends and adventures. That’s what makes it a game. Speaking of games we can not ignore latest craze of PubG in gaming world. PubG stands for Player Unknown’s Battleground. PubG is an online multiplayer battle royale game released in December 20, 2017. Tough its beta version was released in March 2017.

If you haven’t yet heard about PubG I’ll explain you in short. PubG is an online game which consists of battle royales between players online. It has solo, team, duo as well as one man team mode. All you have to do is kill everyone else. Keeping in mind the play area (Circle that keeps on getting shorter with passage of time). It is a very intelligent concept because at the end all the players are forced to face each other face to face. It’s been a very hard game in the beginning for me as I play on PC and the players are good as hell. Like others it didn’t take tie for me to get familiar with game and get victories.

So, Here is the list of PubG Best Tips and Tricks to Win Every Time

1. Decide Your Strategy :-

This is first and foremost in the list of our PubG Best Tips. First of all is decide your strategy in PubG. Two strategies are Aggressive and Cautious. I prefer Aggressive on mobiles and cautious on PC or Xbox. Controlling is made easy on mobile as targets are accurate, area of vision is small, etc. Whereas in PC or Xbox it is a large screen and players see you from distances you can’t even imagine. Thanks to 6x or 8x and other scopes i’ve been killed more often by players my eyes can’t catch. That was the main reason i chose Cautious style on Pc in beginning. Once You decide your strategy its easy to take your actions faster. Many times i’ve ignored other players near me to just stay stealth. But do watch your backs. They can still come searching for equipment and see you sitting like duck, They won’t even think before killing you.

So keep an eye outside as well as on doors or stairs near you.

I suggest using headphone because it PubG enables 3D sounds which helps to hair footsteps or fire sounds near you.

PubG Best Tips

2. Location to jump:-

The second thing is decision of location where to jump. It is a very important decision as well because you need to jump at a less crowed place. Doesn’t matter if you are aggressive or cautious player. Just choose a less crowded place to jump. Because everyone is without any guns or equipment in the beginning. I know what you are thinking. I will kill one or two with punches only. But doesn’t work every time. It will take them a sec in picking a gun and another second to reload it. The third second you’ll land a punch and the fourth second you’ll be dead. Just jump at a safe place, collect equipment and the do whatever your brain says. So, Following the stratergy, This is second in our list of PubG Best Tips.

3. Equipment:-

Now when you have landed in a place next thing you’ll do is collect all useful equipment like bag, vests, helmet, guns, ammo, scopes and all. Do not use a gun with very less shots in one time. And don’t carry only big guns, It’ll just make your player slow while running. PubG has many players all over the world so without a doubt some things you won’t get even after finding too much. That it the time when aggressive players should go on hunt. But Cautious players, all you can do is go from building to building and find more. In between game many times you’ll hear a plane sound. Look at it, it is a plane that drops a crate that has pretty cool equipment that you won’t find on any other place.

In case that crate lands near you, go fast or go very slow. Yeah you heard me right. If that crate drops near you either you run fast as hell and take equipment or you hide near it because other players are gonna come to get it. They are gonna be peo[le like you who were near and came to take equipment from crate. So you kill them all and then do your work. About guns, I prefer one sniper and one fast one. Like i keep strong one on single mode and attack a scope to it to make it like an assualt rifle or sniper and other one i keep on full auto oe burst mode to kill targets that are closer. Handguns can help as well as they are slow but strong.

4. Circle:-

PubG has this very good feature of circle. This circle is known as the play area. In the beginning of the game when all players are once on the ground, a corcle of white line appears on map. That is known as play area. The rule is that you have to play inside play area. With passage of time play area keeps on decreasing. Players run to get inside that circle because anyone outside will pe losing health bit by bit until he/she is in the circle again. Now hwat i think about it is that the first time circle comes, aggressive players have no problem because they are gonna kill everyone in the way anyway. But for Cautious players, They should get in between of circle, in the centre and hide in some safe building.

Do it your way either run whole your way or just take a vehicle and drive it at fast as possible.


5. Listen :-

PubG has very cool voices in it. It enables 3D voices so it gets very easy to track hidden people. All you need to do is keep your ears open and listen to footsteps and sounds from near you. Just invest a bit in good quality headphones and enjoy as they can be used for anything. Music, gaming and watching movies, etc.

 6. Play With Friends :-

PubG played solo is fun but play with friends its lit. Talkin to them fighting with them. Its very healpful because we will have a very good understanding in our team. PubG gives you a team even if you don’t have bt it doesn’t really work. As they don’t care you live or die. They play on their own and you have to fight alone. The problem starts when enemies are roaming in groups. You can kill one but can’t do more than one when they come together on you.

7. Look Out For Vehicles :-

When playing aggressive or while hiding it is very important to keep an eye on veicles coming towards you. There are two ways to deal with it. Either you just make the vehicle explode so each player in that vehicle dies or th tough way. That you fight with each one of them. Just be in cover while doing it. Don’t just go like a boss in front of everyone.


8. Settings :-

Adjust you settings as you want to. Keep it as it suits your playing style and suits you. TPP(Third person perspective) and FPP(First Person Perspective) are good options given to us by PubG. I love to play with FPP because it gives wider view and a good vision but when it comes to driving, I’ll need TPP or i’ll die in no time. But thanks to PubG i can switch between both modes with just push of a button.

9. Enjoy :-

Do win but don’t forget to enjoy such an amazing experience playing this game. I suggest you to play it with friends atleast ones i promise it’ll be fun.


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