Cleaning Your Laptop From Outside Easily Now 2018

Cleaning Your LaptopHey Guys Today’s Blog will be a “How To” Tutorial about  Cleaning Your Laptop from outside. No one likes to sit in a theater with a torn or dirty screen. As it is a fun destroying activity. Same is with laptops or monitors. We surf so much on these gadgets and still some of us don’t care about cleaning them. Knowing that this is our responsibility, we ignore these activities lying to ourselves and giving excuses every time. What is Good about this Blog is that it is easy and very low Budget. At the end of this Blog you will easily learn about Cleaning your laptop screen or Cleaning your laptop Keyboard. Here it Goes:-

Accessories Needed:

  • 2 Microfiber Clothes
  •  Ear Bud
  •  Soft Brush
  •  Screen Cleaning Liquid

Now I Guarantee that everyone has atleast 3-4 microfiber clothes at their homes. As the come with every new eye shades you buy or any spectacles you buy. Now those shades or spectacles are broken or misplaced but cloth always remains. So I’m sure you won’t need to buy them. But if you don’t have it don’t worry you can get it very cheap price from any shop or for free from your personal tailor. Same is for ear buds. Everybody has them so you don’t need to buy them. Now Soft brush, is a brush used for these kind of purposes. Don’t Use your tooth Brush For this. These brushes have very soft bristles. Like the Brushes you get with your trimmers to clean them. These are not very common at every home so i’ll drop a link for you to buy it.

Lastly, Screen cleaning liquid. This is a liquid made of water and alcohol. It is very helpful in removing any kind of fingerprints, or other marks from screen.

Here Are the STEPS for cleaning Your Laptop:-

  1. Get All Accessories For Cleaning Laptop :-

Cleaning Your LaptopAs Listed above in the list of accessories. Collect all those accessories and keep them with you.

     2. Now turn off the laptop and remove all Electrical connections :-

Second Step is to turn your laptop off and detach any Electrical connection. Like Charger, USB, Memory cards etc. Remove your battery too if it is easily removable but there’s not much need. Remove anything else that is connected or protruding from your laptop. They will only get in the way.

     3. Cleaning Keyboard:-

Next take your Bud and wipe space between keys with it. Do it will all keys of keyboard. At the end you’ll surely see the dust on bud. When dome with the bud, I suggest you to use a can of compressed air to remove any dry dust from inside of the keys and fan side. But I, Don’t use it. If you do, make sure to push dust in a direction that it comes out and not go deeper. If it goes to wrong place it can damage that part of your laptop or Pc. 

     4. Removing Dust :-

Cleaning Your Laptop

Now Third step is to use your Microfiber cloth (Dry) on screen and body of laptop to make sure that all the dust is off. Do make sure that all the dust gets off your laptop so it does not mix with cleaning liquid and make situations worse. All you have to do is delicately use your cloth on screen and body of laptop in circular motion to remove any dry dust from there.

     5. Using Brush :-

Cleaning Your Laptop

Third Step is to use your Brush to once again make sure that the dust is out of laptop screen or corners. I use brush to clean laptop openings and keyboard too. But don’t put brush inside any openings. Just clean them from outside and corners.

     6. Cleaning With Cleaning Liquid :-

Since you have made sure that all the dust is removed from laptop now it’s time to use your another microfiber cloth and cleaning liquid. Screen is a very delicate part so don’t use any other clothes to prevent scratches. Now, Fold your cloth as much comfortable to your hand. Spray cleaning liquid on it like 3-4 sprays. Do Not Spray Directly on Screen, as the droplets can get inside corners and openings and can destroy your laptop. Once you have sprayed your cleaning Liquid on Cloth, wipe it on the screen gently in circular motion and it will automatically dry. Don’t apply to much of spray as it will result same as spraying directly on screen.

Cleaning Kit Without Brush          Cleaning Kit With Brush



Now I’d like to conclude saying that it is very important to clean your laptop from outside as well as inside. To clean from outside I use this Method but for inside, I get it cleaned by manufacturer cause i really don’t want to mess my this laptop like i did to last one. Hope this Blog Helps you. Thank you for your time. So comment and suggest us anything you want to.

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