Best Ki Attacks in Dragon Ball Z Ever Used 2018

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Today’s topic ‘Best Ki Attacks in Dragon Ball Z Ever Used 2018’ is one of my favourite topics. If you have read my “Cartoon-Boon or Bane”   blog you might already know that i am a big fan of Dragon Ball frenchize. Well its journey has come very far. Bringing to us one of the best anime we’ve ever seen. Like Dragon Ball, Bragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball kai, Dragon Ball Super, Dragon Ball GT, Dragon Ball Super, etc. All these series’s are so good that if you’ve not seen I’d suggest you to give it a go. When i used to watch Dragon Ball Z I’ve always wondered that what are the best ki attacks in Dragon ball z but could never compare because each attacks overdid each other.

Well now i know that no attack is strongest, Its just the one with more power wins. Like theres a difference in Yamacha’s and Goku’s kamehameha. If you remember Yamacha used kamehameha against tien in Dragon Ball but Tien Turned it around. How? Well its obvious that Yamacha’s Kamehameha did’nt have as much power as Goku’s. But still attacks can be categorised on basis of Situations, Right?

So Here’s the list of Best Ki Attacks in Dragon Ball Z

      10. Tien’s Tri Beam Attack

Best Ki Attacks in Dragon Ball Z

I have ranked Tien’s Tri Beam Attack on tenth rank of Best Ki Attacks in Dragon Ball Z because it is an amazing attack. Remember the time against cell. When Cell absorbed Android 17 and became Cell 2nd Form. Piccolo was already finished, Android 18 and 21 had to run so Tien had to be a distraction. Tien used Tri Beam Attack as long as he drained all his life evergy on Cell form 2. Tien was finished after that but he did a good work keepinng cell in the groung for enough time to make an exit for both androids and others.


     09. Burning Attack/ Blaster Cannon – By Future Trunks

Best Ki Attacks in Dragon Ball Z

The Return of Goku after the fight with was a happy movement for everyone. Everyone was exited to see Goku and what his Super Saiyajin power feels like. While everyone thought that there was just one Super saiyajin, there on a spaceship landed an unknown person right before Frieza’s spaceship and destroyed all his army with him with no sweat. Everyone else there was surprised to see another person as Super Saiyajin. Fact that there were two saiyajins made Vegeta really annoyed. The Burning Attack is the first one we see, shown during Future Trunk’s battle with Cyborg Frieza. The technique starts with various rapid hand movements to gather energy before the ki is released in a concentrated ball that explodes on impact.

A somewhat more powerful and longer-lasting version of this attack is the Buster Cannon. The Buster Cannon was seen being used against Android 17 and 18 in the future. The attack does not require the hand movements to charge up, and instead is charged using two ki orbs that Trunks combines to shoot out a powerful wave of energy. Both of these attacks are powerful enough to give Trunks the upper hand against cybernetically-enhanced enemies. This is the reason I’ve ranked it 9th on list of Best Ki Attacks in Dragon Ball Z.

     08. Hell Zone Granade – By Piccolo

Best Ki Attacks in Dragon Ball Z

Piccolo uses this attack during his battle with Android 17. After Android 17 manages to dodge his Masenko and other energy attacks, Piccolo descends to the ground and fires his Scatter Shot up at Android 17. At first, Android 17 is clueless at what Piccolo was doing, but he is soon shocked to see Piccolo’s blasts surrounding him. Even in Budokai Tekaichi 3 this attack as hell of a damage that’s why I’ve ranked it eighth of Best Ki Attacks in Dragon Ball Z.

In This attack Piccolo charges up and fires several energy spheres randomly in the opponent’s direction, disregarding accuracy and with no intent on actually hitting the enemy. With efficient ki control, the multiple energy spheres are suspended in the air, completely surrounding them. Finally, Piccolo commands the energy spheres, which change from a yellow to purple color. To rapidly spin around the opponent and inevitably rain down on them with a vicious onslaught from every direction. Filling the sky with a blinding light and inflicting a massive amount of damage.

     07. Special Beam Cannon – By Piccolo

Best Ki Attacks in Dragon Ball Z

I bet real fans know when this attack was first time used. This attack was first ime used against Raditz. This one bean of energy tore both Raditz and Goku’s skin killing them. It is one of Piccolo’s signature attacks, along with Demon Hand. The technique is a very powerful laser beam created by Piccolo in order to destroy his then-arch-enemy, Goku. The move is performed by touching the index and middle fingers of one hand to the forehead and charging enough ki to attack. Its speed changes to the power level of the user performing the move. When ready, the fingers are extended forward, and two thin energy beams are unleashed from the fingers. One remains straight while the other coils around the straight beam.

I know this should’ve been a bit up in the list of Best Ki Attacks in Dragon Ball Z but I ranked it 7th not ignoring the fact that everytime it takes time more than usual to charge up. If noone covers up for Piccolo then he won’t be able to use this attack as it gives enough time to enemy to rip Piccolo apart.

     06. Ghost Kamikaze Attack – By Gotenks

Best Ki Attacks in Dragon Ball Z

In Hyperbolic time chamber while everyone had hope on Gotenks that only they can defeat Buu. Gotenks was using pretty funny attacks to defeat Buu. Piccolo had already realised that they had no chance against Buu with these attacks. Until Gotenks Used Ghost Kamikaze Attack. It was a funny attack as well but it damaged Buu more than expected. So It is a childish, yet ingenious and extremely effective technique.

Kamikaze Ghosts are somewhat intelligent and extremely dangerous beings created by the user’s ki, which resembles the user in personality and appearance. The user expels them from the mouth for an attack. They are touch sensitive and explode the second they touch something, including each other (they had once high-fived each other and exploded).

      05. Destructo Disc – By Krillin

Destructo Disc is Krillin’s signature technique and one of his most powerful attacks. Its is one of the Best Attacks in Dragon Ball Z. The Destructo Disc is a razor-sharp disc of Ki that can slice through almost any substance. Unlike energy blasts, the Destructo Disc can actually injure enemies many times the wielder’s power level, such as being able to cut off Frieza’s tail when energy blasts from the likes of Vegeta and Gohan proved ineffective. In the anime, Krillin uses it once on Perfect Cell, with the disc shattering on Cell’s neck, due to his aura stopping Krillin’s ki disc’s “edge” from piercing Cell’s body.

      04. Big Bang Attack – By Vegeta

Best Ki Attacks in Dragon Ball Z

Big Bang Attack is a energy bomb by vegeta in a shape of sphere. In order to perform it, Vegeta extends his arm, opens his palm and turns his hand up at a 90 degree angle. He then powers up and fires a powerful energy sphere at the opponent. This attack creates an enormous explosion upon contact and leaves a huge mushroom cloud. The attack’s name and state is also reminiscent of the Big Bang Theory.

Vegeta uses the Big Bang Attack against Android 19, during the same battle that he first fights as a Super Saiyan, and the attack totally annihilates the evil android and leaves only his head remaining. Later, Vegeta tries to blast Android 18 with the Big Bang Attack (shaped into an energy wave). But Android 18 dodges the attack and the big Paper Clip truck behind her gets blasted on accident, apparently killing the Paperclip truck driver.

     03. Human Extinction Attack – Buu

Best Ki Attacks in Dragon Ball Z

When Buu came, it was like humans are’nt living beings, they are flowers which were being plucked by a kid which is Buu. Making Earth his garden Buu was destroying everything around and eating people after turning them into chocolates. Buu saga in Dragon Ball Z was a total chaos. Situations became worse when angry Buu absorbed Majin Buu and went to challenge the strongest. He destroyes so many humans with this attack. In this attack Super Buu raises his hand up in the air and charges a pink aura around his body. Then, he fires a massive barrage of pink energy waves up into the air to rain down on the opponent, inflicting a large amount of damage.

Super Buu uses this attack to kill all of the Earthlings on Earth. When Piccolo suggests to an impatient Super Buu that Buu could kill some humans while waiting to fight Gotenks. Its one of the Best ki attacks in Dragon Ball Z and aslo the most cruelest.

     02. Galick Gun – By Vegeta

Best Ki Attacks in Dragon Ball Z

Galick Gun is an energy wave that is one of Vegeta’s signature attacks, similar to the Kamehameha. Regardless, the Galick gun is perhaps Vegeta’s most famous signature move, recognizable by the the curled finger arrangement and purple-colored beam. After charging up the attack with his hands behind him, Vegeta releases a blast of ki that emanates from his hand and surrounds his body.

Vegeta uses this move against Goku in their first fight (during the Vegeta Saga). When Goku counters the Galick Gun with a x3Kaio-ken Kamehameha, Vegeta notes that the two attacks are evenly matched. Eventually, Goku’s Kamehameha outmatches it by using a x4 Kaio-ken.

       01. Kamehameha

Best Ki Attacks in Dragon Ball Z

Some people never watched Dragon Ball in their life but still they know what is kamehameha. How? Well at a time craze of kamehameha was over the world. You can’t Say that you never tried to gather energy and spell kamehameha expecting a beam to come out of your hands. Akira Toriyama actually tried a number of poses when he was alone in order to decide the best pose for the Kamehameha. After much contemplation, he could not decide on a name for his “Kame” attack, so he asked his wife, who came up with the name. She told Akira that it would be easy to remember the name of the attack if he used the name of the cultural Hawaiian king named Kamehameha.

The Kamehameha was invented by Master Roshi by practicing for fifty years spanning pre-Dragon Ball. By drawing his latent ki into the palms of his hands, Roshi is able to expel an explosive beam of ki energy. Goku learns it after witnessing Master Roshi unleashing the blast to extinguish the flames at Ox-King’s home on Fire Mountain.

Here was my list of Best ki Attacks in Dragon Ball Z. Tell us you opinions in comment section.

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