Anger- Disadvantages, Effects and its Management

Anger- Disadvantages, Effects and its Management

What is Anger? Anger is when your PC automatically updates of your mobile hotspot and finishes it in 5 minutes, Anger is when a full blog that you’ve written gets deleted by mistake. Anger is when your Best Friend who started with you now has over 1000 viewers but you don’t. Well, I don’t need to explain very briefly because every one of us have experienced it and if you’ve not, It’s too good to be true my friend.

Definition by Wikipedia

Anger or wrath is an intense emotional response usually involving agitation, malice, or retribution. It is an emotion that involves a strong uncomfortable and hostile response to a perceived provocation, hurt or threat. Anger can occur when a person feels their personal boundaries are being or are going to be violated.

Anger- Disadvantages, Effects and its ManagementAnger- Disadvantages, Effects and its Management


Anger has very little advantages for Humans but but but if you are a Saiyan or big green monster who gets stronger with increasing anger, Dude its best for him but even if the monster wants to change back into human then he needs this blog.

  1. Motivation

To some people sometimes anger motivates temporarily to do something they knew they couldn’t do. It’s good until your doing doesn’t hurt someone. Just convert your anger into hard work, it can be really useful.

  1. Anger can Strengthen Relationships

Outrage is a characteristic response to being wronged by another person and it’s a method for conveying that feeling of bad form. Be that as it may, society discloses to us outrage is risky and we should shroud it. What does this do to our own connections?     Strangely look into has demonstrated that concealing resentment in imply connections can be negative (Baumeister et al., 1990). The issue is that when you shroud your outrage, your accomplice doesn’t know they’ve accomplished something incorrectly. Thus they continue doing it. What’s more, that doesn’t benefit your relationship in any way.

  1. Anger helps to provide in-sight

How? Outrage can likewise give understanding into ourselves, in the event that we permit it. An example of Americans and Russians were gotten some information about how late upheavals of outrage had influenced them (Kassinove et al., 1997). 55% asserted that getting furious had let to a positive result. One best of this 33% said that outrage gave a look into their own particular flaws.

On the off chance that we can see when we get irritated and why, at that point we can realize what to do to enhance our lives. Outrage can rouse self-change.

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Unlike advantages there are many disadvantages of anger but here we are gonna discuss only 4-5 of them

  1. Fights

When anger you don’t see or think before do something to someone and an angry person indulges so much into fights to vanish that anger by beating someone or getting beaten by someone very badly.

  1. No control over words

An angry person has no control over his/her mouth and shouts or blabbers whatever comes into their mind not caring to what they are saying or to whom they are saying that. This leads to big storms in their life and relationships.

  1. High Shootout in their blood pressure

An angry person keeps falling deeper and deeper into his anger until he stops himself or controls it. When a person into goes deep anger he can’t even see clearly. Literally, Science has proved that when a person’s blood pressure rises over limits he starts to see blackness in front of his eyes which causes many problems.

  1. Insomnia

Anger also leads to Insomnia and other sleep problems because of anger’s direct effect on our brains.

  1. Self- Hurting

Most people with repressed anger try to hurt themselves badly to just feel pain. Which they think helps to decrease anger but it doesn’t. It just converts anger into depression and stress.

Anger- Disadvantages, Effects and its Management

Anger Management or How to control it

  1. Participate in Co- Curricular Activities

The endorphins that originate from exercise can enable you to quiet down, and moving your body gives a physical outlet to your fierceness: along these lines, exercise can help at the time of outrage. In any case, keeping up a normal exercise timetable can likewise enable you to manage your feelings when all is said in done. While you work out, center around pondering the activity and your body, not what has been at the forefront of your thoughts of late. A few types of activity that may interest you and enable you to control your outrage include:

  • Basketball
  • Jogging
  • Yoga
  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Dance
  1. Get Enough Sleep

Most grown-ups require no less than 7-8 hours of rest for each night to thrive. Being restless can add to an extensive variety of medical issues, including the powerlessness to oversee feelings appropriately. Getting sufficient rest can enhance your state of mind and reduce your outrage.

  1. Get Professional help

In the event that your outrage has advanced to the point that it’s meddling with your everyday life or your capacity to keep up positive connections, see a specialist. He or she can survey the foundation of your concern and regardless of whether you require treatment, drug, or some mix of both. A specialist can give you unwinding systems to use in circumstances that influence you to feel irate. She can enable you to create enthusiastic adapting aptitudes and correspondence preparing.

  1. Breathe Deeply

On the off chance that your heart hammers with seethe, back it off by controlling your relaxing. Profound breathing is a standout amongst the most essential strides in contemplation, which can add to controlling feelings. Regardless of whether you don’t completely “ruminate,” utilizing profound breathing systems can offer comparative advantages.

  1. Music

Listening to songs can be very beneficial in every emotional breakdown like anger, depression, emptiness, etc. Music calms you down wry easily.



At last I’d like to say that everyone gets angry but only difference is that some show it and some don’t. It’s okay to be angry it’s in our nature but you should not hurt yourself or others while angry just perform any anger management activity or Just close your eyes breathe and visualize some best and happy or funny memories with friends or family(My Personal Quick Tip). Tell us your own tips or experiences in comment section below. Also check out our website for more blogs.

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